Tag: Santa Barbara

Stanley isn’t just a grumpy dude on The Office anymore. It’s the Santa Barbara of Hong Kong! We like this neighborhood for all its beachfront restaurants and, frankly, the comfort of people with American accents.

Selfie poles are real, and they’re being put to good use on the daily. For anyone who has ever called me a selfie person…please take note. I have NEVER used a selfie pole.

In the market for a reliable toddler bribe? Something to take the edge off hours of boring shopping trips and taxi rides through the jungle? Allow me to recommend Jules Detroopers’ Apple Thins. Sometimes we just sit around and stare at them — they’re that good.

To everyone who wanted me to send back a fake Chanel bag: Not happening. I am way too afraid of going to jail here. On the up side, there’s decent-ish Mexican food down this random alley.

Plenty of hydration happening. Also plenty of sweating. (Have I mentioned the sweating at all? We sweat. Always.)

“Oh wow, my cousin’s boyfriend’s college roommate went to Hong Kong for study abroad in 1998. He said the pollution is seriously so awful there. Like, you’ll never see blue skies. You’ll wheeze constantly and never see anything green and be swarmed by people and it’s just all modern and don’t forget to be careful about eating all the street food. It could be chicken feet.”