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What we have here is a less permanent version of the old “don’t get a tattoo of the Chinese symbol for happiness because it might not actually say happiness” story. Only instead of native English speakers dancing with lingual fire, it’s the other way around.

I now present: Actual Words Printed on Actual Apparel!

Because we all know this is the match of the millennium. Loggers vs. Celine Dion — brace yourselves.

“Meant To Be”
You can imagine how much I wanted to stop and ask her, “WHAT was meant to be? The man you’re with right now? Or another man? The fact that you’re in Hong Kong right now? Am I projecting on that one? Don’t leave me hanging here!”

“Cameron Diaz”
This one was a watercolor (?) of Cameron Diaz’s face, and then, presumably for the sake of clarity, the words CAMERON DIAZ.

“Little Miss Helpful”
Nothing makes me squirm more than seeing a domestic helper alongside her employer wearing a t-shirt that LITERALLY turns her daily work into a giggly cartoon. See: complicated social issues, Hong Kong.

Let’s all take a trip down memory lane to the happiest, proudest, best years of our lives: middle school. Every time I see an Abercrombie shirt here in Hong Kong, which is often because it’s booming and it’s EVERYWHERE, I think of my friend Kristy. This fine Southern belle actually Sharpied “Abercrombie” on a piece of paper and taped it to her shirt, since she would not/could not/her mother wouldn’t let her buy a real one for $59.99 at the ripe age of 13. The clincher is that Kristy has now grown into the sort of person who can wear an adult romper and still be a likeable human being. I’m watching all these tweeny Abercrombie fans in HK with major expectation, obviously.

Stay tuned for another post soon. Coming up: Awkward Printed Signs of Hong Kong!

Photo: The Telegraph