Reading List

Back before Google killed the greatest internet gift of my life, I used Google Reader. Now I just try and remember to visit these websites once a year and feel really lucky and surprised when I have tons of new stuff to read. Feedly has nothing on my new system.

If you need to shake the reading rug, I think you’ll like these ideas.

NYTimes Now keeps me less aloof.

Brain Pickings improves my reading stamina.

My GoodReads book list helps me remember.

The Splendid Table makes me hungry.

The Faceless Chef John on YouTube makes me hungrier.

The New York Times Cooking Newsletter is the only daily spam that isn’t spam.

Not Without Salt is gorgeous food. (Psst, I interviewed Ashley once too.)

Anne Lamott on Facebook is as good as Annie in a book.

Sacred Space helps me practice a quieter, simpler faith. (Those amazing Irish Jesuits…they’re just the best.)

Response magazine publishes smart and thoughtful stuff, every time.

My college pal Maryannimal never lets me down.