Month: February 2015

At my job in Seattle we had a big table in the office kitchen where people popped in to eat lunch. Sometimes it was loud and fun with ten around the table, sometimes it was just a couple of us. But I loved the separate space solely devoted to sitting down for a bite and having a glance at the actual paper newspaper.

The table also served as a community giveaway pile. Lots of used books landed there, plus household knick-knacks and leftover conciliatory scones from early meetings with disgruntled departments (just kidding, everyone is always SUPER nice to the people who enforce the branding rules…and grammar). But the best thing that ever ever ever landed on that table was a jar of Biscoff cookie spread. The note said, “Please eat this jar before I eat the whole thing myself.” I figured it was glorified peanut butter. I figured wrong.

So for two days, I came back to the kitchen on the hour, strategically avoiding my co-workers and planning ahead to bring a clean spoon each visit…and I ate that jar of Biscoff like it was my job, one blessed spoonful at a time. In fact, I probably could get charged with time theft, that’s how many times I went back to eat the Biscoff.

One year later, we have come full circle. Because today in my Hong Kong grocery store, I found (the Haagen Dazs knockoff version of) BISCOFF ICE CREAM. I’m not sure what there is to say except I am already worried about what will happen if this flavor is discontinued (i.e.┬ámy beloved, disturbingly sweet Grandma’s Birthday Cake by Tillamook).


But for now, sly spoonfuls on the hour seem like the perfect way to nurse a Super Bowl heartbreak, and a case of the mildly-homesick, missing-my-job Mondays.

We raise our spoons to you, Seattle!